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  • General farm visits and walk-throughs
  • PAACO certified poultry welfare program auditing
  • Live bird wellness handling
  • Wellness bird scoring
  • Mortality posting sessions
  • Pathpro© data analysis
  • Working hand-in-hand with nutrition staff on nutrition and feed related areas.
  • Vaccine program evaluation
  • Vaccine application evaluation
  • Routine serology program implementation and interpretation
  • Biosecurity audits
  • Staff training
  • Management program suggestions


A unique


States we work in

With offices in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Carolina we currently operate in 21 US states with plans for expansion based on client demand. This includes 9 of the top 10 commercial egg-producing states.


million commercial layers

Collectively we work with over 70 million commercial pullets and layers in a variety of settings including speciality and conventional production environments.


commercial flocks

With over 800 commercial egg layer and pullet flocks, our diverse customer base affords us a unique industry perspective. This diversity delivers an advantage to our clients in terms of best industry practices and impactful flock health results – all the while maintaining full confidentiality.



Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization


Consistent field approaches, integrations with production teams.

Our team works in Integrated Poultry Health Management.

Biosecurity and Welfare
Biosecurity and Welfare

We help deliver sustained excellence in on-farm biosecurity and welfare which we believe are the base of any great poultry program.


We offer training to maximize skills of on-farm staff from vaccination crews to production management.

Commercial Egg Poultry
Commercial Egg Poultry

Our veterinarians approach flock health from a production standpoint with practical field approaches and implementation methods.

Diagnostics & Data Analysis
Diagnostics & Data Analysis

Diagnostic testing and interpretation is an essential part of integrated service to our clients that maximizes the health and productivity of their flocks.


Since our approach to flock health is prevention-based many of our visits are routine, specifically planned and methodical in nature.   This approach affords us an opportunity to plan the scope of each visit, align with on site production teams in addressing their challenges, and organize weeks to months in advance for impactful visits that generate positive results for those we serve.

On-Site Visits

We prefer to conduct field visits and necropsy sessions with the entire integrated production team present.  Our holistic approach includes production staff, nutritionists, and company leadership whenever possible.

Problem Identification

Following each on-site visit we clearly identify problems and set strategy with a follow up action plan for solution.

Lab Test/Diagnostics

All samples collected during farm walk-throughs and necropsy sessions are submitted for diagnostic testing prior to, during, and following the visit.


All information collected during on-site visits including necropsy scoring, production data, and lab results are analyzed in total to look for recommendations for flock health programs.

Detailed Final Report

Following each visit a final report is submitted to production management and leadership teams consisting of analyzed data, lab results, and all on-site visit notes.

Wrap-up Meeting

A wrap-up meeting or phone call is set at the conclusion of each visit for review of top priorities and suggested program changes.



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Poultry health

Love working with the Team

“Love working with the team at Wilson Veterinary Co. I love their hands-on approach they take on farms, with diagnostics, and general overall health of the flocks that we collaborate on together. Working with them as a team, helps me improve my overall nutrition program and helps make sure the flocks are happy and healthy. I would gladly recommend them to any of my clients.”
China Jacobs, Ph.D

Poultry Nutritionist, CSA Animal Nutrition

Improving bird health and welfare

“I have continually been impressed with Mark and Dan’s tenacious drive for improving bird health and welfare. These guys are willing to use creativity in order to solve bird health issues.”
Jay Halliday

Key Account Manager, Vaxxinova

Growing Relationships

Wabash Valley has been working with Wilson Veterinary Co. since 2019. Dr. Wilson's understanding of not only bird physiology, but of the industry has had a tremendous positive impact upon Wabash Valley and our team. As one of the owners of Wabash Valley Produce Inc I look forward to his quarterly visits and his summary of how we are progressing and what future opportunities need to be addressed. Dr. Wilson has been a true asset to Wabash Valley Produce Inc, and we look forward to growing our relationship in the future.
Roger Seger

Production Director and Owner, Wabash Valley Produce

Can't Ask for A Better Team

``You can’t ask for better team of veterinarians to work with, - they will help you with all bird health issues and vaccination programs. They continue to work on issues until they are solved and speaks in terms you can understand. ``
Jerry Whitehorn

Opal Foods - Pullet Director

Communicates With Solutions

Always available and willing to help with any challenges with bird heath or biosecurity. Record keeping is phenomenal. They have records from all posting sessions and have the ability to analyze the history of locations. Communicates the results with a solution.
Tim Freeman

Opal Foods - Layer Director